Make Your Own A-VAG47 for $0.25 a Glass!
A-VAg47 maker A-VAg47 is a non-FDA approved remedy that has shown very exciting promise.

Although A-VAg47 has been around in various forms for centuries, The A-VAg47 that you can now make at home from the unit shown to the left has become refined and is taunting Big Pharma with the ability to:

  • Subdue Viruses
  • Protect BETTER than Vaccines
  • Beat the Common Cold
  • Take the Worry out of Biological Warfare
  • Stop Hepatitis C in its tracks
  • Give energy back to people with Epstein-Barr
  • Conquer Pandemics such as H1N1 Swine Flu or H5N1 Bird Flu
  • Destroy MRSA
  • Bacteria and Viruses cannot become Immune to it
  • Get over Bladder or Urinary Tract Infections in as little as
       24 - 48 hours (no antibotics required)
  • Cancels Malaria
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome stops being "chronic"
  • Negates Herpes virus
WOW! What a Powerful list of diseases A-VAg47 can be used against.

How and Why A-VAg47 Works

A-VAg47 PegInterferon shot As we all know, current Internal Medicine (i.e. MD Doctors) are trained in treating SYMPTOMS rather than finding and fixing the ROOT CAUSE. They do this by one of two primary methods,
1) using Chemicals (commonly referred to as Drugs), they put Chemicals into your body with the idea that these Chemicals will react with other natural chemicals already in your body to keep you from "feeling" the symptoms or in the rare case, stop the malfunctioning cells by killing them (and in many cases a lot of healthy cells as well), or
2) Surgery, cutting out the cells that are malfunctioning.

In neither case do they have an answer for infections cause by VIRUSES.

Antibiotics do absolutely NOTHING to cure you of a VIRAL Infection, and if given (usually because they are guessing what to do and because antibiotics are readily available) can actually have an adverse effect in helping your body to fight off the VIRAL Infection.

Here's where A-VAg47 comes to the rescue

When A-VAg47 gets into your blood stream, it is carried throughout your body. In the case of a VIRAL Infection, when a healthy cell has been "compromised" with a virus microbe, that cell changes its "functional" level from HIGH to LOW. Every cell requires Oxygen to perform, but with A-VAg47 in your blood which carries the oxygen to EVERY cell in your body, the Enzyme needed for "LOW" level functioning cells is prohibited from absorption the needed Oxygen and the infected cell dies a quick death, then your body's normal immune fighting process expells the dead cell.

How and Why A-VAg47 Works

The video below explains what a virus does to a healthy cell and how it turns it into a "manufacturing" plant for thousands or even millions of more virus microbes. So if you can shut the plant down quickly, you won't get sick.

A-VAg47 is Dirt Cheap...

Some Health Food Stores carry it in various forms of supplements or mixed with water which either a) is too little to be of any significant effect on a VIRAL Invasion or b) is very expensive in any significant dose amounts.
The FDA has even gone to the extent of outlawing it in some health food stores in California and its trying to get it regulated by getting Congress to pass laws against the selling of it in its final form.
But with an A-VAg47 Maker, you can make fresh, your very own A-VAg47 at the strength you need to help you overcome just about ANY VIRAL Infection, including biological warfare strength infections. And for just around 25 cents a dose, which is typically an 8 fl. oz glass at 30 to 50 parts per million (ppm) ratios.

It would cost you over $1,100 worth of 300 ppm 4 oz. bottles to equal the 110 8 oz glasses at 30 ppm which our A-VAg47 Generator can make for just $99.95. Our A-VAg47 Generator is just $99.95 and includes enough silver for over 3 years of Ag47 ionization!